Thursday, 13 January 2011

It's gonna be Heaven in 2011

So here I go with writing a blog. Finally I feel like I can find a daily 20 minutes spare to write some of the stuff I read, write and run about doing everyday....well at the moment anyway.

I will make some records of what I eat and recipes. Hmm.....not so interesting you think but I don't eat grains and I need to make a record of how it is so I don't keep having to refer people to other blogs about the benefits of a grain free life. I'm mainly eating a primal diet these days, I think about what types of foods we would have had available to us as hunter gatherers and stick fairly rigidly to that about 90:10 of the time. I have come to this from a variety of different reasons.
1. We evolved for about 150,000 years eating leafy greens, nuts, seeds, shellfish, fish, wild free ranging meat that ate a natural diet, eggs, roots that we worked hard to dig up, berries and seasonal fruits(smaller and sharper than todays fruit). Grains would have been scarce and only available for a short season.
2.We only started farming grains about 8000 years ago - roughly 200 generations. Not long in evolutionary terms.
3. Carbohydrate from grain is eventually sugar and the longer I study medicine and health and the more research reveals how high blood glucose causes a cascade of metabolic adaptations that cause all kinds of diseases.
4. Grains now are highly genetically bred to contain much higher levels of gluten and starch than traditional varieties. The way that we prepare them is also very different so the bio-availablity of nutrients is reduced and there is a higher content of potentially irritant substances.
5. I cannot grow grain in large quantities. I would like to be as self sufficient and low carbon in my needs as possible. Grains require HUGE quantities of petro chemicals for their production. Ploughing, sowing, ferilizer, herbasides and pestisides, harvesting, processing, transport etc etc It's already rising rapidly in price because of oil prices and climate problems in Russia and America the 2&3rd biggest global producers and it isn't going to get any better.

I'm sure there are more reasons that I will come back to and elucidate on another time but for the moment if you want to read more about Grains in general here is a link to a brilliant article looking at it all much more in depth.

Today I ate and drank:
1st thing
Hot water and lemon
Black real coffee
Handful of nuts(walnuts, almonds and brazils) and an apple

Mid morning post walk
Left over beef rib and vegetable stew made with stock from duck carcass.
Hot water and lemon
Baked mushrooms with garlic butter and herbs
Stewed Leeks
Mushroom and onion duck egg Omelette
Half glass homemade elderflower wine.

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